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WIL it Work?

WIL it work


Published in the Skills Development supplement of the Sunday Times Newspaper in July 2018, Omni did a feature on Work-Integrated Learning and the benefits to the various stakeholders involved.

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WIL article also available online at Sunday Times Skills

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The OMNI feature in Issue 58 focusses on the fundamental frameworks that encapsulates what the organisation stands for, in addition to announcing …

Omni contributed to the handbook as an organisation who engages in Enterprise and Supplier Development, which forms part of our transformation agenda.

The approach and model discussed can be used as a vehicle to aid skills development and sustainability employment opportunities.

Supplier Development – Getting the entire Organisation on board

Supplier Development – Getting the entire Organisation on board


The Business Day in March 2018 hosted a Job Creation and Supplier Development breakfast in Johannesburg. Subsequently a mini-publication was developed, called “Beyond the Scorecard” where organisations/industry could contribute to the Thought Leadership section. A web-platform hosts profiles of participating organisations together with articles and thought leadership contribution pieces. Omni’s web-profile can be accessed on Business Essentials.

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Having discovered our motivation (“Why”), and laid out core principles (“How”), we finally turn to “What” we do and how it translates into business success.

Most companies and people know “how” they do what they do. A carpenter knows how to sand wood. Similarly, a company knows how it sells its product. The “How” …

Personally, I do not believe that the traditional approach to training and development will support long-term future sustainability for either the Skills…