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How should Managers gear for the new generation?

How should Managers gear for the new generation

How should Managers gear for the new generation? 

How should Managers gear for the new generation

For the 1st time in history, 5 generations will soon be working together.

- Industry Leaders -

Whether this multi-generational workplace functions in an atmosphere of happiness and productivity or is stressful and challenging, is very dependent on the culture created by management.

Consider how we relate to employees of different ages that think and operate so differently? How do we motivate someone older or younger than ourselves? And how do we encourage employees of different generations to share their knowledge and ideas?

As leaders it is our responsibility to be aware of the ‘generational tension’ – defined as a lack of respect for someone who is of a different generation from you – among colleagues. We need to help employees recognise that they each have a unique set of skills, different knowledge and experience to share.

Here are some tips for managing generational tension:

  • Don’t dwell on differences – recognise them | celebrate them | get to know each person individually
  • Build collaborative relationships – encourage debate | listen to input and advice | understand each one’s perspective
  • Study your employees – understand the demographics of your team and what each one needs for job satisfaction
  • Create opportunities for cross generational reciprocal mentoring – mixed aged teams help colleagues to learn from each other; establish a culture of coaching
  • Consider life paths – think of yourself as an anthropologist; consider where employees are in their lives and what their needs are. 

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