Administration and Business Management Programmes

Administration and Business Management Programmes

Business administration remains one of the key areas for individuals wanting to gain experience and exposure to enter the world of work. Our entry level qualification is an accredited solution primarily aimed at unemployed youth who wish to gain the knowledge and skills attributed to operating within a professional office environment.

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NC: Business Administration

Improve your work performance and provide excellent service in any administrative function with these essential skills.                     

FETC: Generic Management

The essential training you need to optimise effectivity in your organisation,                                                                                                    

LP: Planning as a
Management Function

Plan SMARTer and stop working harder by developing the essential knowledge and skills for effective planning.

LP: Organising as a
Management Function

Organising as a Management function is key to achieving plans and outcomes to meet your strategic objectives.

LP: Leading as a
Management Function

Leading is influencing and inspiring people towards maximum performance and outputs.

LP: Controlling as a
Management Function

Controlling is the management function in which resources are managed and performance is monitored in the implementation of Strategic Objectives.

NC: Management

Providing you with the basic knowledge and skills to manage the day-to-day operations of any business.

“Don’t let it be too late too soon…”



The few days we spend here learning is something I enjoy and Omni’s well-trained facilitators give us easy ways to learn and better understanding on everything.

Neil Coert 

NC: Business Administration Services Learner


I appreciate everything that I have learnt over the past 7 months.

Riyaadh Ismai
/NC: Business Administration Services Learner


I enjoyed the programme, it taught me, lots of new things. I have a lot of awareness now.

Ruth Pretorius
NC: Management Learner