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Business & Leadership Academy

Our offering within our Business and Leadership Academy is aimed to stimulate critical thinking and amplify both the core and critical skills required to propel your career, well into the future.

Business & Leadership Academy

Gear up for a robust learning journey when joining our Business & Leadership Academy!

Each programme has been crafted to provide you (the learner) with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and theory which is well-researched and academically sound, together with Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) activities to reinforce the application of knowledge and skills in the workplace.

The programmes below have been uniquely developed and will be delivered in a blended-learning approach: combining classroom sessions, interactive webinars, and self-directed e-Learning modules to support you in your learning journey with us.


Exponential Sales in a Disruptive World

Develop your entrepreneurial leadership prowess and strategic thinking to give you a competitive advantage.

Disruptive Leadership

Aimed to develop people leaders build resilience and determination under the pressure of continuous change.

Women in Leadership

Secure your seat at the Board Room table; drive lasting change and increased influence as an authentic woman in business.

Entrepreneurial Development

Empowering entrepreneurs to own, manage and grow profitable sustainable businesses in a transformed South African business landscape.

Disruptive Change Management

Evoke a future-focused approach to overcome the organisations natural immune system response to Change.

Ethical and Authentic Leadership

Explore and debate ethical and authentic leadership traits and behaviours to promote Trust, Authenticity and Ethical decision-making as the new currency for leadership.

Hybrid Team Management

Essential building blocks to prepare for fluid gigs, a de-centralised work force, motivation to work and technology integration.

Digital Transformation & Innovation

Create a foundational shift to deliver shared value through digital change and innovation.

Leadership in Sport  

Develop the intrinsic skills to manage self and create a preservation pathway for your sports journey.

What are the benefits?

Prepare to engage and interact with your peers in live webinars and discussion forums, as you grapple with the concepts in your selected programme. 

Development tasks are included throughout the learning journey, to assist you in tracking your progress towards successful programme completion.

Learning Methodology

A structured course path, following a blended learning approach, which comprises of:

  • Block Training: virtual/ online or in-person (as per your programme)
  • Live Webinar/s
  • Discussion Forums
  • Peer Evaluations
  • Self-Directed Learning (completion of supporting e-Learning modules)
  • Developmental Tasks
  • Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) activities

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