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CSR: ​Employee development

​​Employee Portfolio aims to:
Develop ​professional and personal skills as well as enhance overall employee wellness.

​Employee development Gallery

​Monthly Principle Training
​Authenticity Principle Training
​Team Building
​Focus Area

Employee Wellness coaching sessions

Monthly one-on-one with a personal wellness coaches

​David Scullard

David’s passion is to bring hope and empower people to soar in every area of their life.

He applies a principle-centred approach, addressing all life areas for maximum lasting impact and transformation.

He is a qualified and experienced Personal Development Coach, Counsellor and Minister.

​Kobus Theron

Kobus’s desire, passion and drive, is to see every human being living in a genuine and flourishing cooperative relationship with the living God.

He desires to help people, through the Kingdom Way of Life, to achieve maximum success and happiness in every aspect of life - career, marriage, parental, physical, financial and social.

He is a traveling minister, executive life coach and motivational speaker. ​