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CSR: ​Enterprise development

​Enterprise Portfolio aims to:
​Support enterprises to enhance their business skills and further ​develop their business​.

OK Franchise Division

OMNI partnered with the SCDT trust and OK Franchise Division with the clear vision that this development should be done for the right reasons and with sustainability as the focus. We are committed to this journey and will not part ways with the beneficiaries until they are well on track to a sustainable business growth.

Two retail franchise owners are currently beneficiaries and OMNI is supporting them to enhance their business skills and growing their business.

One of OMNI’s foundational philosophies is collaborative relationships and partnerships, therefore all suggested solutions are implemented in collaboration and agreement with the beneficiaries as well as all stakeholders involved.

​First a full gap analysis of each enterprise was done by the OMNI business coaches, who identified specific needs and gaps within each enterprise.​


The ​following ​elements ​are ​some ​of ​the ​key aspects that O​mni coach, mentor and support on:

  • Compliance & Governance                                               ​
  • Human Resources                          
  • Management of Health & Safety              
  • Enterprise Image & Branding                                                                      
  • Customer Service & Sales                                            
  • Business Performance Metrics
  • Managerial Operations

Implementation of suggested solutions, as agreed by all stakeholders, are closely monitored and detailed feedback is given monthly. A business coach is assigned to each franchise owner to support, coach and mentor the beneficiary with the implementation of the agreed solutions. The model is specifically designed to ensure the sustainability of the stores that forms part of this project. It is practical and founded on best practice business development principles, and flexible enough to be adapted to the specific needs of each beneficiary.

Enterprise Development Implementation Model