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Corporate Social Responsibility

"Making a difference in the communities we serve."

CSR Flagship Project

The Message Trust - Nyanga Hub:

Youth Development Project

Our Flagship CSR project for the year takes place in a township labelled “The murder capital of the world”. Through a strategic shared-value partnership, with the Message Trust, we will hold hands at a grassroots level. This involves: setting up quality infrastructure, facilitating training and development and supporting of the immediate community.

Our desire is to see spiritual growth, sports development and educational excellence in a community that we are truly hopeful for. In the future we see Nyanga labelled as the “Potential capital of the world”.

CSR Portfolio's

Community Development

Develop and empower selected profit and non-profit organisations and individuals.

Enterprise Development

Supporting enterpises to enhance their business skills and growing their business.

Supplier Development

Increase performance and productivity of selected suppliers through skill development and resource support.

Employee Development

Develop professional and personal skills as well as enhance overall employee wellness.


About Us 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a strategic business function and forms part of OMNI’s transformation agenda. The “heart” of our business is to make a difference in the communities which we serve. We are committed to the empowerment, development, upliftment and growth of our people, which comprises of our employees, suppliers, customers and the local community.

Megan Hultzer CSR Manager