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Do you like workplace learning?

Workplace Learning

We adapt and spread these new forms of communication not just because they are useful and efficient, but because they are fun.

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Adapting learning strategies to the vicissitudes of societal change is not an easy task. It involves constant attention to developments in technology as well as engaging with the desires and needs of the market. These actions have to be conducted throughout all levels and spheres of education. Surveys and polls serve as invaluable tools in order to gauge the feelings of those who engage with the industry as learners, facilitators, or several other roles.
In our webinar Learning Adaptation 4.0 [part 1], a poll was conducted to find out whether those who worked in the education industries enjoyed workplace learning. In total, 38 members of the audience responded. 36 respondents (95%) responded "yes", while only two respondents answered "maybe". Nobody indicated a clear dislike for workplace learning.

The implications for these results are undeniably positive as it shows that those involved in workplace learning want to take part as opposed to doing something only because it is unavoidable or compulsory. Asking this question leads us to another very predictable question:

What is it about workplace learning that makes it enjoyable?

Of course, there are numerous answers to this question. Many of these answers, however, will have a common thread which relies on the fact that human beings are social animals. We enjoy interacting with other people. Technological innovations over the past few decades have provided us with many new ways in which we can interact with other people. As a species, we are naturally curious. We adapt and spread these new forms of communication not just because they are useful and efficient, but because they are fun. We follow people on Twitter because we are interested in what they have to say. We enjoy checking Facebook to see what our friends are up to.

Of course, technology isn't the only factor in assessing how to improve workplace learning. All that is required is activities in which learners will be required to communicate. Using fun activities or "gamification" in workplace learning will almost always, on some level, use communication as the key to success. This fact is a golden thread and a foundational necessity for the enjoyment of workplace learning. It certainly isn't the only factor, but it is always an excellent starting point in considering how to create workplace learning success and enjoyment.

Contributor: Greg Beyer
Researcher at Omni Academy for Education, Training and Development

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