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Through innovative and specialised strategies, we offer you a variety of Organisational Development (OD) solutions with personal interactions to maximise your business’s hidden or unfulfilled human capital potential.



Talent  Management

This encompasses recruitment, development and retention of employees to achieve the current and future vision and growth of an organisation. In our current environment where change is perpetual the ability of organisations and their employees to be agile to this change is paramount for future success. Organisations must be able to manage their current and future team players and Talent Management is key to this. Talent Management will ensure that employees are developed in their current roles, will identify future roles and skills needed, and will plot the career paths and development needs for employees both current and future to achieve this, enabling both the organisation and the employees to be focussed and successful in their growth.

Change Management

Change management can be defined as the process of helping individuals in the workplace to transition from a current state to a desired future state. This process involves the application of skills, processes, tools and principles to create the right level of focus to manage the “people” side of change so that desired outcomes are realised.

Project Management

OMNI HR Consulting provides end-to-end project management with a seamless solution from initiation to project close off, irrespective of the scope. With our roots grounded in entrepreneurship, and our deep understanding of the value of human resource capital, we have vast experience in ensuring that the solutions meets the needs of the organisation, whilst ensuring maximum benefit.

Business Consulting

OMNI's Business Consulting services provides consulting services to optimise organisations through improved performance and efficiency models in a collaborative manner. The process we follow identifies the business gaps using quantitative and qualitative tools while asking questions that help shape business thought and develop solutions. Our approach provides a service that stems from business insights and co-creates solutions, while helping businesses meet their strategic goals.

Executive Team Coaching

OMNI executive team coaching is a strategic and systemic approach to transform organisation culture and increase corporate performance and measurable results using the collective strengths of senior teams. We focus on the individual and the team at the same time to improve output of departments and the combined senior team at a collaborative level. We have an extensive network of Executive Coaches to ensure each individual executive is catered for, while also focusing on cohesion of the Exco team.

Corporate Culture and Development

Corporate Culture is a set of values, attitudes, beliefs and standards that guide the way the organisation interacts with their employees and customers, and can be seen in the organisation structure, strategy, goals and how business is conducted. Corporate Culture should not be a definition that is rambled off when somebody asks an employee what their company culture is all about, but rather it should be able to be explained through actual examples of how corporate culture is experienced by that individual employee. It should become part of the DNA of the organisation, in the words that are spoken through actions, and in the knowledge of how situations and interactions will be managed. The culture must be able to filter through all levels of the organisation and to all employees. This can only be achieved through a focussed sustainable approach of identifying, developing, communicating and living the company corporate culture.