Exponential Sales in a Disruptive World



Course Duration


Course Pricing

R32 000

Intake Date

6 FEB & 29 May 2023

About the programme

This programme is designed to hone the skills of individuals needing to make a significant impact on sales retention and expansion. Due to the nature of this course and the blended learning approach, it will suite both experienced Sales Managers and Sales Executives.


To enhance your personal and the organisations’ competitive advantage, this programme focusses on personal effectiveness, entrepreneurial leadership prowess, sales-team management, and strategic know-how.

To support in constructing your Personal Development Plan, which will be reviewed over the duration of this programme, we include a Lumina Spark Assessment and Portrait combined with a personal one-on-one session.

Exponential Sales in a Disruptive World

Themes of Learning

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Professionals

Entrepreneurial Leadership & Developing Collaborative Practices

Decision-Making and Problem Solving in Sales

Negotiation in Sales & Creative Thinking for Sales Professionals

Planning, Preparation, and Information Sharing & Turning Bargaining into Closing

Cognitive Flexibility to accelerate Sales Performance

Mastering Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills

Strategic Thinking

What are the benefits?

Prepare to engage and interact with your peers in live webinars and discussion forums, as you grapple with the concepts in your selected programme.

Development tasks are included throughout the learning journey, to assist you in tracking your progress towards successful programme completion.

Learning Methodology

A structured course path, following a blended learning approach, which comprises of:

  • Block Virtual Online Learning (2-days per month)
  • Live Webinar (1-hour per month)
  • Self-Directed Learning (completion of supporting e-Learning modules)

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