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These accredited solutions make provision for individuals who are seeking career opportunities and/or advancement within the Food, Beverage and Hospitality sector. Offering both full qualifications and skills programmes our learning solutions focus on developing the skills of confectionery baking at an entry level, as well as developing team leaders and supervisors operating within the hospitality space across hotels, restaurants and bed and breakfasts.

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hospitality management
NC: Hospitality Management

Our key focus is to create individuals driven to be leaders in the hospitality environment, able to perform, encourage and develop teams who create new standards in the industry.

NC: Bread and Flour Confectionery Baking

Enhance employment opportunities in baking and food production with the essential skills needed at a technical level in craft bread and flour confectionery.

Different types of bread
SP: Bake And Produce Aerated Products And Frozen Products In A Craft Bakery Environment

Understand the theoretical and practical components of confectionery products as you empower yourself or your team to be artisanal craft bakers!

SP: The Basics Of Bread And Baking

Come and understand the theoretical and practical components as you empower yourself or your team to be artisanal craft bakers!

SP: The Principles And Practice Of Food Safety And Waste Management

Food safety is an integral component of food quality! Empower yourself or your team to ensure that your products meet food safety and food quality standards.

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The few days we spend here learning is something I enjoy and Omni’s well-trained facilitators give us easy ways to learn and better understanding on everything

Neil Coert

NC: Business Administration Services Learner


The learning programme was good and there is a lot I learnt from all of it. There are many things I discovered about myself. The learning facilitator was great and made the sessions fun

Maboleba Mosia
NC: Contact Centre & Business Process Outsourcing Learner


I have learnt a lot about managing staff and my branch. Things that I never knew. I have also learnt to improve myself. Thank you

Eleanor Phillips
NC: Management Learner