Omni HR Consulting - HR Masterclass 2019 - The Future of HR

​The Future of HR Summit & Awards

​12 – 13 June 2019 | Johannesburg | South Africa

​The Future of HR ​Masterclass Facilitated by Alison Boruchowitz

2 Days | 30+ Speakers | 6 Breakaways | ​2 Masterclass

Masterclass Topic: The Leadership Approach in the 4th Industrial Revolution

There is no doubt that the 4th Industrial Revolution will require change! As leaders and HR professionals facilitating that change, it is imperative to adjust our leadership approach as our workplace, workspace and workforce, changes.

Alison Boruchowitz discusse​d: "ACORN – a leadership approach in the 4th Industrial Revolution. This creative approach considers the key competencies that we need to develop to ensure a smooth transition into the 4th Industrial Revolution. The approach is not about artificial intelligence, big data, cyberspace or robots. We discuss people, the “human” in HR, and the considerations for influencing and changing mindsets, through a practical approach to leading our workforce into 2030."

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​2030 Work​force Skills


Here is the reality – things are going to change at an unprecedented speed in the next decade. It is going to be disruptive and lead to an urgency within us to redefine the skills that set us apart from automation.

In one word – HUMAN!

We are going to have to embrace collaboration and integrative work frameworks that allow automation to integrate with the best of who we are – our humanity. We will need to develop the skills that set us apart from the machines. The machines that can do repetitive and knowledge-based work at a speed that no human will be able to compete with.

It is time to refine ourselves and ensure that we are competitive for the future world of work. 2030 Workforce Skills is exactly that; a platform that enables you to develop skills that will enhance your ability to be competitive within the future disruption. It is not one dimensional. 2030 Workforce Skills is built on the foundational aspects of the key skills required for disruption. It follows a self-paced e-enabled framework that is supported by coaching, blended collaborative team application sessions and for businesses that have a desire to engage a digital human transformational strategy such as ACORN.

Take a breath – the power in being ready for the future and what might be, lies in our ability to be open to change, flexibility and perseverance to learn and re-learn.

Enjoy the ride of uncertainty as 2030 Workforce Skills provides insight in navigating the disruptive future.


​Embark on our 2030 Workforc​e Skills journey and ​start refining yourself for the disruption​ ​of the future world of work.


About The Future of HR

The Future of HR is an innovation-focused initiative, the Future of HR Summit is an annual gathering in which business leaders and HR thought leaders can share their challenges and successes, to advance strategic HR within their organisations and across the economy. The Future of HR Awards complements the Summit by recognising and promoting the leading lights of the HR industry today; individuals and companies busy reshaping HR into a cutting-edge strategic component integrated with their vision and mission. Every year, our award winners raise the bar higher.

Change isn’t coming. It’s here. We can struggle to survive, or we can adapt and thrive in the workplace of tomorrow. HR is undergoing a closely-watched revolution, through digital disruption, with tech tools and human ingenuity combining to evolve HR’s business impact exponentially. The Summit helps delegates prepare for the hyper-digitised workplace of tomorrow.

Masterclass Facilitator

​Alison Boruchowitz

Alison has an extensive background in the field of HR with a passion for strategy and culture development within organisations. With a tenure of 17 years as Group HR in a retail environment, Alison completed her MBA specializing in Management Consulting before taking the leap into the private sector consulting with small businesses and non-profits as an HR Consultant.

Alison joined Omni HR Consulting in 2016. OMNI, which is a private college speciali​sing in training and skills development has provided Alison with the opportunity to practice her passion: working with people, or as she refers to it – the “human” in resources.

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