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Omni is making online learning a reality

Omni's Making Online Learning A Reality

OMNI can now continue offering accredited learning through our online platform and successfully exit learners.

- ​​​​​Excerpt -

Heeding the pleas for Post-Schooling and Workplace-Based Learning to continue, Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) have collaborated positively with Skills Development Providers and Skills Development Levy paying organisations.

Considering the current lockdown, there is understandably an impact on planned Skills Development initiatives, which will have both short and long-term effects on organisations, their B-BBEE strategies and the development of scarce and critical skills. Not forgetting the learners committed and motivated to complete their studies and who wish to continue doing so.

Providers who meet the following checklist requirements are encouraged to engage the SETA for provisional approval to offer online learning and exit current learners through external moderation.

Online platforms that can facilitate the following:

  • Learners can complete assessments online and submit Portfolios of Evidence (PoE) electronically.
  • Providers can assess and moderate electronic submissions of portfolios online.
  • Providers can schedule External Moderation by providing login details to the SETA for access to electronic portfolios.
  • SETA verifiers can conduct external moderation electronically.

The checklist for compliance also evaluates if the Provider has the following in place:

  • Suitably qualified Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators to offer the online solution
  • A robust Quality Management System (QMS) to implement online learning and quality assessment and moderation practices with related review mechanisms
  • A detailed Programme Strategy including: Alignment matrix, Notional Hour Matrix, Facilitator, Assessor and Moderation Guide
  • A Learner Management System allowing for storing of learner data and the pulling of detailed reports

OMNI’s vision to have a significant and positive impact on Outcomes-Based Education in South Africa led to Digital Transformation Strategies that saw the launch of our e-Learning platform.  We ensured that it met the quality and compliance parameters of the South African Qualifications Act (SAQA), Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and the Council ​on Higher Education (CHE).

What does this all mean in the context of learning and where we find ourselves as a country? 

OMNI is now able to continue to offer accredited learning through our online platform and successfully exit learners. 

At a time where classroom training is restricted, but Workplace Skills Planning is still due at the end of May, and B-BBEE strategies and aligned budgets are rigorously being discussed around the (virtual) Board Room table, perhaps the latest SETA Communication is just what we need to address some of the current challenges and concerns.

Embrace the new world of work with certainty as Omni makes accredited online delivery a reality. We are here to support you in crafting a learning and development solution that best meets both your organizational objectives and human capital needs.

Visit our website at or get in touch via email: and one of our customer relationship managers will be in touch.

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