Omni receives accreditation to deliver online learning

Omni receives accreditation to deliver training and assessment through flexible online solutions with the W&R SETA.

Omni Receives Accreditation To Deliver Online Learning

A feat for Omni HR Consulting, operating as an accredited Private College within the framework of the Department of Education and Sector Education Training Authority landscape since 2009.  Traditional learning methods, such as face-to-face classroom delivery, paper-based assessment and moderation practices has been the order of the day. Omni has been progressively working and collaborating with SETA’s to embrace and fast track online learning. 

It has become imperative for an adaptation strategy to SETA Policy when South Africa found itself in lockdown (now nearly ten weeks ago) and all learning and skills development initiatives came to a grinding halt. In a previous press-release issued, our Operations Executive, Cindy Londt no​​​​​ted “SETA’s have inherently been closed-minded with respect to engagement around online and virtual learning. In my opinion, that was driven predominantly by access, digital readiness of stakeholders and various socio-economic factors. We are moving forward towards an approved e-learning and virtual learning framework and this will be critical in the weeks and months ahead if we want to have a positive impact on our economy as key role players in the skills development arena.”

We are proud to announce, that Omni has received full accreditation with the Wholesale & Retail SETA for a number of programmes! The approval was received after the rigorous evaluation of Omni’s policies and procedures in line with the SETA’s compliance requirements for online/virtual learning and assessment practices. 

What does this announcement mean for clients operating within the W&R SETA space? Omni can support businesses with their intended Skills Development Strategies through the delivery of compliant, accredited training and assessment in an online/virtual learning environment.   

As part of the continuous improvement of e-Learning for occupational qualifications, Omni will continue to partner and work alongside the W&R SETA. The intent is to run a pilot with a cohort of learners and produce a case study and research paper on the efficacy of online learning within a uniquely South African context.

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