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Based on research, our sessions cover relevant topics linked to the 4IR and essential Workforce 2030 skills

Changes in occupational skills sets are required which will ultimately transform the world of work, requiring organisations and employees to remain relevant if they want to benefit from the great opportunities that this digital age provides.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution advances, it will place a spotlight on leaders – leaders who at their core operate from a foundation of authenticity and ethics.  

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Join our sessions monthly, as our aim is to both educate and inspire you to better navigate our disruptive world!

Our Sessions

Ethical Leadership
Ethical Leadership

Session 5

29 September 2021 | 6 - 7pm

Key Takeaways

Ethical leadership may not be a new concept but is needed now, more than ever! Leaders must lead with honesty, moral behaviour and integrity. Understanding the role of ethical leadership, is the first step in creating greater positive long-term outcomes for leaders and organisations and the community they impact.

  1. The need and role of Ethical Leadership for the 4th industrial revolution.
  2. Uncover Ethical traits and behaviours.
  3. Aligning your ethical values, vision, virtue, and voice to that of your organisation.
Individual Change
Individual Change

Session 4

25 August 2021 | 4 - 5pm

Key Takeaways

Culture is the integrated pattern of human behaviour, shaping the trajectory of an organisation. Creating cultural change to harness people’s lasting commitment, requires a deep desire to change.

  1. Develop resilience to change by exploring resilience, mindset, and emotional intelligence.
  2. Developing critical skills for a mindset change that will equip you to focus on your continuous professional development.
  3. The rapid shift to WFH has created new challenges for organisations.
  4. Leaders are required to experiment with creative solutions that showcases a shared commitment through personal contact.
Organisational Change
Organisational Change

Session 3

28 July 2021 | 4 - 5pm

Key Takeaways

Navigate and manage the disruption experienced by an organisation and its people due to a shift in goals, processes, and technologies.

  1. The requirements to develop your ability to navigate and adapt to change.
  2. Strategies for leading change - influencing, affecting, and controlling change.
  3. Work will change in the Future: How to prepare for: Fluid Gigs; Decentralised Workforces; Motivation to Work; Technology advances
EXO: Organisational Change, MTP, IDEAS and SCALE
EXO – Scaling in 2021 and Beyond

Session 2

30 June 2021 | 4 - 5pm

Key Takeaways

We are living in an Exponential Era filled with mega-trends and we need a strategic plan for the Exponential Era, a SPX. Here is how …

  1. Strategies for Organisational Change
  2. The impact that Massive Transformational Purposes (MTP’s) have on decision-making and how we could leverage IDEAS and SCALE within the environment.
  3. Collaborate at all levels to ensure preparedness for change, disruption, and an increased pace of development.
Leadership: the need to redefine future skills development
Leadership: the need to redefine future skills development

Session 1

26 May 2021 | 4 - 5pm

Key Takeaways

Pace is just going to accelerate and change strategies alone will not be enough! Join this interactive session and learn more about…

  1. Massive Transformative Purpose: strategies to achieve rapid growth & organisational ability to adapt to future requirements.
  2. Partnering with Automation: AI provides opportunities for change in job related functions from mundane to innovative work.
  3. A Management Perspective: Address and implement training strategies for new fields of advancement.
  4. Our Research: a case study on the AI model of Leadership.
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Our Speakers

Lize Moldenhauer

Managing Director

(Session 1-2 & 5)

Cindy Londt

Operations Executive

(Session 3 - 4)

Cindy-Lee Pike

Learning Strategist

(Session 5)