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These workshop based solutions are for individuals looking for personal development without the requirements of formal learning aligned to assessments and the awarding of credits. We have a large scope of solutions to address sector specific needs, leadership and management development, and soft skills for any individual looking for the opportunity for growth. Any of our accredited solutions can also be offered as workshops without the formal learning requirements. Should you not find exactly what you are looking for, we encourage you to please make contact with us.  

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Learn techniques to deal with and manage personal and organisational conflict effectively on this workshop.

Problem Solving and Decision making

Use creative thinking to tackle complex problems and choose between possible solutions.

People helping each other
Team Development

Motivate and Improve team performance by gaining a better understanding of the team dynamic and acquiring the skills needed to effectively develop your team.

Be an assertive communicator and develop your self-esteem with this interactive workshop.

Create a more inclusive workplace by knowing how to have and manage the difficult conversations around diversity with this workshop.

A lady silencing her thoughts

Develop your ability to self-manage and improve your relationships with others.

Make wise money decisions by equipping yourself with the necessary financial knowledge and planning skills.

Learn and practice how to plan, prepare and structure a successful negotiation in this hands-on workshop

Practice makes perfect: Learn how to deliver professional presentations and manage your audience

Time Wise

Improve your productivity by getting a grip on how you manage your time and identify time wasters and barriers to effective time management.

Secretary bad day
Stress Management

Identify and understand the key stressors in your life and learn how to manage them on an ongoing basis

Introduction to OBET

An introductory workshop to help individuals understand SAQA jargon aligned to the NQF landscape and outcomes-based assessments.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management is a core function in managing contact centre capacity encompassing all the activities needed to maintain a productivity in the workforce.

Call Calibration

Call Calibration is a tool which helps to guarantee each ‘moment of truth’ is experienced as promised. It helps to effectively evaluate agent performance and improve customer service.

A guy managing in contact centre

Balance performance management with a focused approach and get the highest level of quality assured performance outputs from your team.

Quality assurance provides tools that guarantee each ‘moment of truth’ delivers exactly what the customer is promised and more.

Empower yourself with the legislative knowledge and interpersonal skills to be effective in a credit management environment.

Leading Through Change

The world of work is constantly shifting, making it difficult for leaders and their teams to keep abreast of all the changes taking place in their environment.

Business Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Manage your small business successfully with these finance basics, enabling you to make better business decisions

Effective Business Writing 

An intensive practical workshop that will teach you the value of well written workplace communication

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Thanks Omni for an amazing workshop! My second time and, as expected, it didn't disappoint ! That is largely due to the guidance and support of facilitator Ghawa Latib. Thanks G, for making the sessions impactful and also fun!!

Cindy Daniels

Workshop Learner


Well prepared facilitator. Enjoyed the workshop, lots of positive energy!

W: Facilitate Learning Learner


Roshni was excellent in giving training, she was very helpful and very informative regarding the training and advice that was given.

W: Quality Assurance & Calibration Learner