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Terms and Conditions



      The programme will be delivered on by OMNI HR Consulting (Pty) Ltd, hereafter referred to as OMNI.


2.1  Once a registration form has been completed and submitted to OMNI, it provides confirmation of a booking.

2.2  OMNI will ensure a Training Invitation is received at least 5 working days prior to the start of the programme which will

       outline aspects such as training venue; start/end times of the programme; administration documents required and confirmation

       of the facilitator/programme manager.

2.3  Training Invitations will only be sent to delegates where payment confirmation has been received. Where companies are

        responsible for payment, a purchase order needs to be submitted to OMNI together with the registration form.


3.1    The programme fee quoted excludes VAT and will be indicated as such on either the Quote of Tax Invoice issued for payment.

3.2    Payment is required 24 hours before attendance of a programme unless arrangements has been made with the Sales Administrator
         who will further seek approval from the Finance Manager at OMNI.

 3.3   OMNI does not provide financial-aid to delegates who intend on enrolling onto programmes in their personal capacity.
          A payment plan may be considered (in exceptional cases) upon recommendation by a Client Relationship Manager and is subject
          to an acknowledgement of debt being submitted by the delegate.

3.4   Where payment plans are in place, delegates are responsible to honour the terms of the arrangement and failure to do so may
         result in evidence not being assessed (in accordance with the assessment plan) which further results in the delegate not
         being able to continue or be deregistered from the programme.

3.5   Terms for companies are 30 days from date of invoice, with a valid purchase order (where applicable).

3.6   Pricing includes: venue cost, refreshments, learning material/resources, (where applicable) assessment,
         moderation and external verification.

 3.7  Pricing exclusions: travelling, accommodation, parking and lunch (unless otherwise specified).


4.1   A request to reschedule a programme should be submitted to OMNI in writing at least 5-working days before the commencement
        of the programme. In the event of this not happening, a fee of 20% of the proposed and accepted programme fee will be charged.

4.2  OMNI reserves the right to reschedule, cancel or change the venue of programmes at its discretion. Should this be the case,
        the delegate (or company) will be advised at least 2-working days in advance via email and telephonically.

4.3  OMNI cannot be held responsible should a delegate;

4.3.1   Be booked on the wrong programme by the company or authorised employee.

4.3.2   Be on an inappropriate level in respect of the programme

4.3.3   Not have the required pre-requisite requirements as stated in the relevant programme outline.


5.1  All cancellations are to be received by OMNI in writing.

5.2  Where cancellations are received 2-working days or less prior to the programme, fees are payable in full.

5.3  Delegates not arriving for a programme will be charged in full.

5.4  Cancellations received more than 2 but less than 5-working days prior to the programme commencements are subject to a 50%
        cancellation fee.

5.5  Cancellations received more than 5-working days prior to the course will be refunded less an administration fee
        of R300 (including VAT)

5.6  Cancellation fees will be waived if an approved alternative delegate attends.

5.7  Refunds of any money resulting from the above must be applied for in writing and approved at discretion solely by the Client
       Relationship Manager.


6.1   Delegates to dress comfortably in smart-casual attire.

6.2  OMNI reserves the right to exclude delegates from attending a programme due to disorderly conduct. Offensive, discriminatory
        language and/or behaviour will not be tolerated.

6.3  Delegates will be excluded from attending a programme due to pre-requisites not being met. Learning Catalogue pages need
        to be reviewed if specifications are noted as compulsory.

6.4  Where outlined, delegates are to ensure that pre-work prior to the programme as this may directly impede on the ability to continue
        the programme. In instances where pre-work is not completed, delegates will be escalated to their associated company/organisation.

6.5  OMNI reserves the right to exclude delegates when arriving late. OMNI prides itself in service delivery and in order to avoid
        disrupting the class, the cut-off time is 30-minutes after training has commenced, unless an arrangement for exceptional cases has
        been made beforehand.

6.6  Delegates to take due-care of their personal belongings during training. OMNI will not be held responsible for any damage or loss
        to personal property.

6.7  Any special needs that may prohibit learning or affect the assessment process needs to be discussed directly with the facilitator
       or programme manager. OMNI is unable to support a learner who does not disclose a learning barrier or choses to do so when resulting
       in adverse assessment decisions.

6.8  Delegates to make the facilitator/programme manager aware of any complaints or any aspect with which they are unhappy with, either
        verbally or in writing, within 24 hours of completion of the programme. Failure to provide feedback within this timeframe will not
        allow OMNI to take corrective action and therefore will be deemed invalid.


7.1   All training programmes will commence at 08h30, unless otherwise specified in the training invitation sent to delegates prior to the
       commencement of the programme.

7.2  The address and/or directions will be provided to the specific venue being used for the programme. In the instance where OMNI makes
       use of alternative venues, delegates will clearly be notified in their training invitation.

7.3  Smoking will only be permissible during designated breaks allocated by the facilitator.

7.4  Delegates to establish where the allocated/designated smoking areas are.

7.5  Mobile phones to be switched off during training, unless permission is received beforehand from the facilitator (in exceptional cases)
       to leave a mobile phone on during training.

7.6  The use of electronic devices is permitted if this is to support the programme being attended.

7.7   No eating or drinking will be allowed in the training room/s other than at the designated tea-pause areas.

7.8   Valuables should be secured at all times.

7.9  Learning material/resource guides may not be copied or duplicated under any circumstances.

7.10 Materials provided to delegates during training are subject to copyright laws and as such under no circumstances may be copied
        or distributed without the express written consent of the copyright holder or author.


8.1   The relationship between OMNI, its customers and delegates are strictly confidential. All information obtained during the working
        relationship will be protected as far as reasonably possible and will not be disclosed to third parties.

8.2  Company specific policies, procedures, processes or intellectual property solicited and provided to OMNI by delegates would be used
        for the sole purpose of building a Portfolio/s of Evidence and will only be used for the purpose of making assessment decisions
        within the South African Qualifications Authority Framework.