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Watch this 30min on-demand recording to hear some practical tips from Cassandra for young leaders in the world today.

Adapting learning strategies to the vicissitudes of societal change is not an easy task. It involves constant attention to developments in technology as well as…

The skills needed to cope with and thrive in our jobs is changing at a rapid pace. Our business models are needing to be digitized, driven by technological innovation

Born into the world of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning and big data; Gen Alpha’s will be the most technically advanced, highly educated and

Whether this multi-generational workplace functions in an atmosphere of happiness and productivity or is stressful and challenging, is very dependent on

We cannot prepare for a future of the unknown. We can, however, prepare our people with the necessary skills to deal with the “unknown”.

According to the World Economic Forum, a four-step approach to achieving the optimal combinations of humans and machines, and ensuring the

Customer retention refers to a business’s ability to attract and retain customers. In retail, customer retention helps us to understand

Based on a number of thought-leaders in the field of CX, here are ​eight combined tips we can recommend to manage and engage with the transformed customer:

Mentoring as a talent development strategy is growth-oriented and promotes knowledge sharing within your organisation.

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