Want to make Coaches and Mentors’ part of your talent pipeline?

​​​Want to make Coaches and Mentors’ part of your talent pipeline?

How to make Coaches and Mentors’ part of your talent pipeline

Mentoring as a talent development strategy is growth-oriented and promotes knowledge sharing within your organisation. Mentoring satisfies the first 2 of Forbes’s Top 5 Talent Trends for 2019: employee-led learning and an everyday performance approach.

Increasingly, organisations are realising the many benefits of developing talent through coaching and mentoring programmes.  

When deciding whether to implement coaching, mentoring, or both, consider the 5 C’s:

  1. Contract: How directive does the organisation want to be over the individual’s development?

  2. ​Context: What is the business objective of the development plan?

  3. ​Culture: Does the organisational culture support coaching and mentoring? Do you have Executive buy-in and support?

  4. Circumstance: What is the budget allocated for the development programme?  Will it be in-sourced or outsourced?

  5. Content: What type of content will be discussed within the coaching and mentoring relationship? Identifying these parameters upfront will ensure that the most appropriate coaching and mentoring plans are put in place.

​To ensure human capital sustainability, explore our Development Stack model or chat to us about how to create a talent development programme for your organisation.

Reference:  How Coaching and Mentoring can drive success in your organisation, by Lis Merrick, Managing Director, Coach Mentoring U.K.

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