What skills may a business need to manage Gen Alpha?

What skills may a business need to manage Gen Alpha? 

What skills may a business need to manage Gen Alpha

Born into the world of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning and big data; Gen Alpha’s will be the most technically advanced, highly educated and some of the wealthiest individuals to ever exist. In joining the workforce, they will be disruptive and could even be coined “earth-shattering”.

Is your business prepared?  Does your business have the skills needed to manage Gen Alpha?

Here are some tips to help evaluate your potential readiness:

  • Technology
    We are not talking phones, tablets and fancy computers – these will be expected as standard. They will expect businesses to change their systems to be quick and efficient.
  • Systems and applications
    They will not want to operate antiquated systems. They will expect software that operates and
    runs reports simultaneously.  In the Gen Alpha world, mundane tasks will be completed by AI and Machine Learning.

  • Personal assistants
    They will all want one – they have had one all their lives in the form of Siri or Alexa.  Business will need to fully integrate AI and apps into the work environment making it easier and more convenient.
  • Changing job roles
    With a workforce so technologically advanced, more emphasis will need to be placed on cyber-based technology to streamline business models. 
  • Working hours
    Gen Alpha will continue the trend of wanting flexibility. This will mean the freedom to work anywhere and anytime, be it 2am in the morning, from home, at the nearby coffee shop or hot seating at the office.
  • Embrace change
    Gen Alpha is used to rapidly changing technology and will become bored and frustrated quickly if organisations take too long to change.  They are used to operating in a fast-paced world. 

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