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​Let OMNI HR Consulting facilitate your skills development accreditation needs with our variety of ETQA Outsourced ​Services



Design and Development

Let OMNI HR Consulting facilitate your SETA and QCTO accreditation application.

OMNI HR Consulting has vast expertise and experience in the Design and Development of quality and industry relevant training material. Our team of subject matter experts help companies to develop comprehensive, attractive and user-friendly training material that meets the internal needs of the organisation and is fully compliant with SETA and QCTO regulations. 

Assessment and Moderation Services

OMNI HR Consulting offers a comprehensive outsourced Assessment and Moderation Service.

Our ​package includes learner enrollments, assessment and moderation in line with the company’s QMS, prepare uploads to the SETA for external moderation and hosting the verification visits. Our Assessors and Moderators are constituently registered, experienced and fully au fait with SETA and QCTO protocols. Our quality processes and procedures ensure consistency in our approach and your results.

WIL Coaching and Support for Business Performance

Let OMNI HR Consulting assist you to optimise your employee’s performance. 

Given our current economic climate, we fully understand business processes and the need for organisations to perform optimally. Our Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) model, which conforms to SAQA regulations, ensures that there is a seamless transition from the classroom to the workplace. Our model is underpinned by a coaching framework, which supports the learner to become operational and apply their skills practically in the workplace. Balanced by the incorporation of relevant soft skills like teamwork, communication and problem solving, building learner confidence in the workplace, resulting in a greater success rate.

Policy and Procedure Development

OMNI HR Consulting provides services to develop policies and procedures for your Quality Management System.

Developing a Quality Management System (QMS) is often a tedious and time-consuming task to develop, implement and review these policies and procedures. At OMNI HR Consulting, we have the expertise and skills to develop a robust and comprehensive QMS that will form part of your overall SETA accreditation application. The QMS and associated templates will ensure that your internal processes are well documented creating a consistent standard of quality.