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We offer a variety of standard, customised and specialised HR solutions to fit your business’s needs.



360 Empowerment through Collaboration

Through collaborative partnerships, we are able to support businesses with the overall Project Management of the Recruitment Process; from candidate selection, hosting, tracking and reporting of gainful employment.

HR Services - 360 Empowerment

Niche Recruitment and Selection

We offer recruitment and selection services for professional and management level placements, delivering a short list of candidates who meet the criteria agreed upon. We will engage with you at your offices to ensure we understand your corporate culture and are clear on your needs. We do not keep a list of candidates and we are not a recruitment agency, we partner with you and use our networks to find you the best candidate who will add value to your organisation.

Employment Offerings, Contracting and Promotions

We are able to provide the full HR Support offering to an organisation or engage on smaller projects and HR services. We will meet with you to discuss your onboarding and induction requirements, and various forms of contracting, and will plan and develop documentation or interactive e-learning platforms according to your requirements. We believe that the initial engagement, preparation with new recruits and team members sets the tone for future engagement and longevity within an organisation.

Payroll Management

We are able to manage your monthly payroll function and complete the related administration for you, ensuring hassle free payment to your employees. We engage with you on your needs and determine the way forward based on your requirements.

HR General Queries and Support

It may be a quick question or a more detailed one, the HR department may be newly established and need guidance. We are able to assist and support on all HR related questions and will discuss the options and outcomes with you, based on once off assistance or ongoing support with a monthly retainer. Our HR Executive is also available to coach and mentor newly promoted HR team members, and will engage with you on how to support for future success.

Job Description Design

Whilst a job description can be sourced from the internet it is critical that the design of the job description speak to your corporate culture and the environment that your organisation is in. Does it use descriptive words that one can relate to, is it clear in its purpose and is it positioned at the appropriate level for the role. A job description should be a working document that is used and referred to, and not only pulled out when there is a problem. We want to maximise the use of the job description to allow for a productive organisation and the best chance of success.

Statutory and Legislative Support

The various Acts and Legislation make many people run for the hills and lead to non-implementation. We are able to assist you in better understanding of labour legislation and related legislations, and how to implement the requirements within your organisation. We do not engage in the disciplinary process, but are able to guide you through the structure and procedure of an enquiry, preparing for an enquiry and the CCMA.

Policy and Procedure Development

Many organisations have generally accepted practices that are often not documented. The development of formal policy and procedure is not a priority and is seen as a tedious task that does not directly add to the bottom line. We would engage with you on your various practices and processes and develop a policy according to your needs, practical policies, in line with your corporate culture and business environment.

Performance Management Packs

Performance Management is another area where many organisations fear to tread. Performance management can assist your organisation in optimising productivity and must be seen as a positive opportunity to engage. We can develop a bespoke performance management pack for your organisation which will allow leaders and team members to engage in their individual performance goals and development, and link these to the organisation goals.

Business Development (HR specific)

We have an HR team who are passionate about HR being part of the operations of the organisation, and with a wealth of HR experience across retail and banking they know that the organisation is only as good as the people they employ and develop. We would love to engage with you and visit your organisation to see how we can assist you and be your HR Thinking Partner. This can take the format of coaching, mentoring or having a Think Tank Day engaging on HR possibilities and initiatives that are out the box, but are practical and implementable. We love what we do and want you to love what you do!