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Leadership Development Programmes

These learning offerings make provision for accredited, Recognition of Prior Learning and workshop based solutions. Individuals who have the desire to grow and be developed as leaders and managers have the opportunity to engage in learning at various levels, from junior management, through to middle, senior and executive management training, development and performance coaching. Our experience and customisation of these solutions stretch across varied sectors and industries.

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FETC: Generic Management

Applying the 4 functions of management towards the achievement of organisational goals 

FETC: Wholesale & Retail

Equipping you with the skills to plan, organise, lead and control the operations of a retail or wholesale environment.

LP: Planning as a Management Function

Plan SMARTer and stop working harder by developing the essential knowledge and skills for effective planning.

LP: Organising as a Management Function

Organising as a Management function is key to achieving plans and outcomes to meet your strategic objectives.

LP: Leading as a Management Function

Leading is influencing and inspiring people towards maximum performance and outputs.

LP: Controlling as a Management Function

Controlling is the management function in which resources are managed and performance is monitored in the implementation of strategic objectives.

NC: Management

This learning programme will enable you to demonstrate understanding and skill in the management function of controlling resources and monitoring performance to ensure compliance to a plan

“Don’t let it be too late too soon…”



The few days we spend here learning is something I enjoy and Omni’s well-trained facilitators give us easy ways to learn and better understanding on everything

Neil Coert

NC: Management Learner


In Learning Programme 3, I came to understand the type of person I am. How to deal with the knowledge that I have gained. I will surely use it in the workplace.

Samantha Albertyn
/NC: Management Learner


I have learnt a lot about managing staff and my branch. Things that I never knew. I have also learnt to improve myself. Thank you

Eleanor Phillips
NC: Management Learner