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Open-Source Training 

Available at No Cost 

After implementing Open-Source Training in 2021, Omni HR Consulting is shifting gears to bring to its community, nine sessions in 2022 starting at the end of March!  The sessions are sponsored by Omni, providing an hour (maximum 90-minutes) of no cost, virtual classroom training based on topics related to the critical and essential skills which form part of our Workforce 2030 curriculum.

The launch of Open-Source Training (OST) took place in May last year, seeing Omni deliver seven sessions on topics ranging from: Redefining Skills Development, Organisational Change, Ethical and Authentic Leadership to Exponential Organisations, scaling in 2021 and beyond.  I had the opportunity to sit down with the team who were pivotal in the launch of OST in 2021, to hear more on the exciting developments in this space.

Q: The intent behind the concept of Open-Source Training and why pursue this initiative?

Lize Moldenhauer, Managing Director at Omni: “it’s quite a privilege to be part of a  broader community and being able to sow back into the community. When we looked at being part of a value chain and how we give back, the term open-source was birthed. Allowing for an open platform, to be a source of information and inspiration and to consider some of the key elements that most organisations and especially leaders grapple with. Over the past year we have been fortunate to have been able to gain great success with running open-source sessions, making a valuable contribution to the individuals that choose to be part of the platform.”

Q: Overview of the key topics delivered on in 2021

Operations Executive, Cindy Londt sheds light on the Workforce 2030 curriculum developed by Omni: “if you look at what we covered last year, and our [own] research aligned to the World Economic Forum, it was around identifying that there were certain skills from a leadership and management perspective that was going to allow us to move forward. Out of that came, 13 curriculums and therefore the different modules of learning and the showcase last year was to create the foundation to springboard us into the topics for this year.”

In the absence of a crystal ball, I did ask the team to consider, what (in their opinion) are organisations, businesses and leaders still grappling with, in the context of concepts such as, organisational change, emotional intelligence and ethical leadership. The response to this question and our full fireside chat can be accessed here.

Q: What to expect and look forward to in OST 2022

Jade Ables, Marketing Campaign Manager at Omni gushes about the developments in the space: “what’s exciting about this year is that our audience can expect a completely different framework. Last year, we focused a lot on thought leadership, looking at research, not only in a South African context, but also in a global context related to the future world of work. This year, we are flipping our delivery and want to look at it in a more practical sense, bringing in the training approach to our sessions, which will be more interactive. For those who do enjoy the more ‘thought leadership’ style, we will be hosting quite a few of those events [too], so ensure that you follow our social pages or sign-up to our mailing list to stay informed.”

The launch session, hosted on the 30th of March is titled, People Management in industry 4.0. For more details on this and the upcoming three virtual open-source sessions, compliments of Omni HR Consulting, visit the website here and reserve your seat!

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