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Understanding OBETD in a Changing Landscape

Understanding OBET in a Changing Landscape

Understanding OBETD

in a Changing Landscape


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The realm of Outcomes-Based Education and Training has not only evolved but changed.

This webinar will bring together ETD professionals and those looking to join the industry to discuss and challenge the impact on Outcomes-Based Education in a South African context.

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Key Discussion Points

  1. 1
    OBET Then and Now - Debating the impact of change on the way we design, deliver and assess in OBET.
  2. 2
    Influencing change in our role as ETD Practitioners – Do we need to change the rhetoric?

Presenter Profiles

Ghawa Latib | ETD Practitioner

Ghawa holds a PGDip in Adult & Community Education and has worked within the field of Occupational Development for more than 13 years. With experience that ranges across multiple industries and sectors, Ghawa has a broad understanding of the opportunities and practical considerations linked to implementing Education and Training Practices, particularly within the workplace.

Jasmine Sultan | ETQA Manager

Jasmine holds PG Dip in Education and has worked in training and skills development for more than 15 years. She has also worked in sector development with a direct emphasis on supporting and developing SMME’s through various initiatives, underpinned by skills development. Jasmine currently works within ETQA across a variety of SETA’s and manages all aspects of compliance and risk

Join the Conversation

Join the Conversation

Join the conversation every Friday from 12pm-12:30pm on IG TV with Lead ETD Practitioner, Ghawa Latib talking all things Education, Training and Development. Watch the videos below for insights and contribute to the conversation in our weekly interactive sessions.  

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Video Series | Introduction to Outcomes-Based Education, Training and Development in South Africa

Introduction to OBETD in SOUTH AFRICA | Part 1

Aims to provide a broad understanding of Outcomes-Based Education & Training approach in South Africa.

The ETD Landscape | Part 2

Contextualising how everything comes together to serve the aims and objectives of the NQF.

The National Qualifications Framework | Part 3

Unpacking key elements and principles of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Learning Pathways on the NQF | Part 4

Programme-lead, Ghawa Latib, elaborates on Learning Pathways that are possible for learners.