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Open-Source Training in 2022

Special Episode


A fire-side chat between the team at Omni HR Consulting who were instrumental during the launch of the organisations' initiative called: Open-Source Training.

In this episode, the discussion is lead by: Cassandra Julius (Marketing Executive) and is joined by Lize Moldenhauer (Managing Director), Cindy Londt (Operations Executive), Jade Ables (Marketing Campaign Manager) and Sharon Benting (ETD Resource Executive).

Discussion includes:

  1. The intent behind the concept of Open-Source Training and why Omni chose to pursue this initiative?
  2. An overview of the key topics/concepts delivered on in 2021
  3. Insight into what organisations/businesses/leaders may still be grappling with, related to the concepts of: Organisational Change, Emotional Intelligence and Ethical & Authentic Leadership
  4. Open-Source Training in 2022: what to look forward to; the approach; kick-off sessions and the new add-on concept of Thought Leadership.

For more information and to book for these insightful (and free) training sessions, click here.  All sessions are scheduled between 4-5pm SAST.

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"It’s quite a privilege to be part of a broader community and be able to sow back into the community. When we looked at being part of a value chain and how we give back, the term open-source was birthed."

- Lize Moldenhaur | Managing Director -

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A fire-side chat between the team at Omni HR Consulting who were instrumental during the launch of the organisations’ initiative called: Open-Source Training.

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